How to Protect Your Yahoo Email Account from Hacker

Has your email account ever been hacked? If yes, you may have certainly undergone the agony of losing the control over your email account. However, this may have also taught you about how to regain control over your email account. Despite the best efforts put forth by the experts to prevent the issue of hacking, it has not been fully eliminated. Yes, the experts have devised certain measures that can safeguard the email accounts from the hackers. If you have not implemented or activated these safeguarding measures, you should surely activate them and make your email account hacker proof. You never know when the hackers will attack and invade your account, and therefore, it is wise to implement the safeguarding measures as early as possible.

Yahoo Mail Not Working

One of the most popular and formidable methods measures to keep the email account hackers at bay is to create the strong password. You can use combination of the letters, symbols, and numbers etc. The password should not only be long enough, but simultaneously, it should be unique in such a manner that the hackers cannot guess the password easily.

Changing the password periodically is also a commendable measure to keep the email account away from the hackers. The hackers may not change the password even after hacking, and you may not be able to realize that your email account has been hacked. If you change the password, the hackers are automatically signed out of your email account. They then cannot login using the old password.

The 2-step verification measure also has emerged as a strong method to protect the email accounts from the hackers. For activating this measure, you need to have a mobile phone number that you carry while signing in to your email accounts. Once you activate this measure, the email account would require the secret sign in code (which you receive on your mobile phone) in addition to the password. In fact, the 2-step verification measure double shields the email account and protects it from the hackers.

Also, it is important to maintain the secrecy and privacy of the password. And, if you find it difficult to implement the safeguarding measures, you should surely access the email technical support from the email technical professionals. The email tech support executives are available all the time in your service and you can access them at any point of time just by dialing the email technical support contact number. For more details about brand, you can visit here:

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Certificate Error by Technical Support

Though yahoo mail is embellished with various lavish and innovative features, it has its own share of issues. It is not that the yahoo mail alone has the issues, but all the other email service providers have their own shares of issues. Seeing a yahoo mail ‘certificate error message’ for the first time may prove to be quite confusing for the amateur yahoo users; however, for the experienced yahoo users, it may be just a matter to be solved in a few minutes. It is quite an easy task to fix this error and it is worth learning to troubleshoot the issue even if you are not facing the issue at present. You never know when you would encounter this issue.

One of the possible causes of this issue is the incorrect date of the computer. If this is the cause, the issue can be resolved by ensuring the correct time and date of the computer. By right clicking the time at the bottom of the computer screen you can correct the date and time of the computer. As the operating systems vary, it is advisable to consult the help file of the Operating System in case any confusion or difficulties.

Another cause of this issue is the expiration of the security certificate, and if the problem continues even after trying the above method, it is better to solve the issue using the Internet Explorer tools. For this, you need to launch the Internet Explorer and find and click ‘Tools’ at the top of the page. After clicking on this, you need to find the select ‘Internet Options’ and then click ‘Advanced’ tab. Under ‘Security’, you are required to uncheck ‘Check for publisher’s revocation’ and ‘Check for server certificate revocation. After clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘Click’, you need to close and then launch the Internet Explorer. This will most probably solve the issue.

The non-trustable websites may also cause this error, and if you are unable to solve the issue by applying the above methods; the best and ultimate solution is to contact the yahoo technical support engineers. You can access them by dialing the yahoo customer service phone number. The Yahoo support number remains active all the time. Also, it is accessible from anywhere and everywhere. So, you can dial this support number from anywhere and at any point of time. The yahoo experts are known for providing the instant technical support and they will surely render you the required technical support.